Flex Shot



If you love Flex Seal you will love Flex Shot even more. It’s got the same sealing power as Flex Seal but Flex Shot comes out easier and cleaner. It’s great for caulking, bonding and sealing. You can use it pretty much anywhere inside the house or outside the house. Gutters, toilets, cars, tile or just fixing an old flower pot Flex Shot will seal it.

Flex Shot has a tube on the end of it so when you press the tube down the sealant comes out in a clean line so it’s great for caulking. I didn’t have to worry about it running or dripping. It makes a clean line. It expands so you can use it to seal large holes. But you have so much control over it that I also used it on some small projects around the house like broken ceramics. Because it does expand you don’t have to worry about whatever you fixed leaking, it has such an amazing seal. And because it comes out so clean you don’t have to worry about wasting any of it. You just go back and use it again and again. Pretty much any project you have around the house Flex Shot will work on it.