Snackeez is a cup and a snack holder all in one. You can take your snack and your drink to go without having to carry multiple items. The Snackeez can hold a 16oz drink and the snack cup is big enough to hold a small bag of chips. It is designed like a cup and the snack department is located on top of the cup with a closing top so you keep your drink covered and your snacks fresh. There is a straw so you just pop the top on your snacks and you can still keep your drink covered and sip through the straw while eating your snack at the same time. It also has a top to cover the straw when you are done and you don’t have to worry about spilling.

What is great about the Snackeez is it can be used for so many different drinks and snacks. You can use it in the morning and take your coffee and granola with you when you are in a hurry. Put some milk in there and some cereal on top and just dump the cereal into your milk when you get to school or work. Take it with you on your daily run and have some fruit and water. There are just so many possibilities. You can put almost anything in your Snackeez!