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Thanks I get some more I told everyone about u

Perfect smile

Awesome ..fits great...I got the comfort fit.... Arrived in a few days ... Very pleased

Outstanding choice

Thank u ever so much for the quality product promptness and cost!! I only needed to replace one broken denture cap!! I went to dentist here in Hobbs nm they wanted 300$!! Needless to say I was outta there!! Keep up the good work a well needed service!!✊🏾

Original Instant Smile Upper Veneers

I’m very Satisfied

Instant Smile Comfort Fit Flex Top Teeth

Thank you!

GreT product. Lookes natural and is staying on.Im still planning on going to dentist but this is an amazing product. It looks natural. Unfortunately, my front tooth broke and I didn't want to leave my house or look at myself. Product is so helpful. Really, thank you for offering this product

Great product

Works really well

Fast delivery. Decent product for a fair price.

Decent product for a fair price.


This works for me! So greatful to finally sleep soundly:)

Instant smile teeth

Fantastic product! Friends are amazed that these teeth are not professional dentist veneers. Thank you for a beautiful smile and such great customer service. Steven M.

Life Saver in a Pinch

Used the single shade before. The multi shade tooth kit works the same way. With multiple shades of teeth to choose from I was able to get a really close match to my existing teeth. I would not be able to tell it was a temporary tooth if I didn't know it. A real lifesaver in a pinch.

Stop Snoring Mouthpiece FREE Shipping

mouth piece

I am not sure I like it or not

Girlfriend is relieved

Only used it for 3 nights but my girlfriend says the level of snoring is way way down. Not the most comfortable to wear but worth its value to my loved one.

Saved my life literally.

Lost a crown near the front. Have 0 money. Was just going to shy away from everyone. Note I can laugh talk and be my out going self.
Do u know if it will preserve my dentin

My mistake!

I never did receive the shipment. The reason is that I entered the wrong address for delivery. Since you folks would not deliver to the state of Florida, I had it sent to my sons house in Columbus Georgia. The address I gave you was 4811 Champions Way, Columbus, GA 31909. The correct address was 4816 Champions Way, Columbus, GA 31909. Is there any chance that the shipment was returned to you? This was my error not yours. Thank you.

mouthgaurd instructions

Instructions are not the most easy to understand and when I reached recommended temperature for the mouth piece it curled up and was very difficult to get to form properly.

They work for me I've purchased two more for both of my sons

Stop Snoring Mouthpiece FREE Shipping

Stop snorting mouthpiece

It seem like it help. Take a little getting used to. Thank you.

Instant Smile Fitting Beads

Good product

I’m satisfied with the product and great price!

Arrive on time, thanks