Virtual Reality On A Budget 0

Virtual Reality was a big idea in the 80's, but it fizzled out by the 90's. Now virtual reality is seeing a huge resurgence in popularity. Expensive headsets litter tech magazines, omnidirectional treadmills that cost in the thousands, and a piece of cardboard that folds up and controls your phones with two magnets.

Virtual Reality Cardboard?

Google's Carboard virtual reality headset being folded up from a flat piece of cardboard.

Google Cardboard is a new project by Google meant to create interest in virtual reality, while bringing it to the masses. The Google Play store has tons of apps that have 3D virtual reality enabled via google cardboard. While we are pushing technology more than ever,  companies are contantly making a better more immersive headset, but most people don't want to drop $300 or more on something they aren't sure if they'll even be interested in. Google has always embraced simplicity, this time they took a futuristic idea like Virtual Reality and made it possible with one of the cheapest materials available, while somehow crafting a high quality product.

So what can you do with it?

How about watch a 3D painting come to life around you

 with tilt brush?

Watch 3D videos from your favorite sports teams or music artists with YouTube360.

Or play the most extreme game of ping pong by launching into a computer to do battle with the M.O.A.I. core? Then Proton Pulse is for you.

Still not convinced?

What if you found out that it was $10? Our Google Cardboard Glasses are perfect for deciding if you have any interest in VR, or as a high quality entry level VR headset. All you need is our headset and an iOS or Android device. Check it out on our web store for free shipping!

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Eggtastic Poached Egg Recipe 0

We've looked at the EggTastic before, but today we're going to really start exploring it's potential. In the EggTastic commercials it says that it can make a poached egg. Poaching an egg is notoriously difficult when compared to frying or scrambling an egg. Poaching is the process of dropping an egg into boiling water, cooking it to just the right temperature, and then getting it back out of the boiling water without ever busting the yolk.

Unfortunately there are no actual instructions for poaching an egg in this thing, or proof that you even can. That is, until now. I once again called in backup and Eva's culinary mind found a way! In the video below we'll show you how to poach an egg with the eggtastic, and the instructions will be written out below.

Eggtastic Egg Poaching Video

EggTastic Egg Poaching Instructions

  1. Fill your EggTastic 1/4 to 1/2 in. from the bottom with water.
  2. Without breaking the yolk of the egg, crack your egg into the eggtastic
  3. Put the lid on and cook for 45 seconds in your microwave. The time might vary by 15 seconds.
  4. Let the egg sit with the lid on for an additional minute to let the cooking process finish
  5. Lift with a slotted spoon and enjoy!

Get your own EggTastic

You can get your own EggTastic from our store for the price of $10.95

This comes with our "No Worries" money back guarantee! Feel free to call us at 850-234-3000 if you'd like to order one or simply visit our store online at

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Turbo Snake Review 0

Clogged pipes are a hassle. For the majority of people, fixing this involves calling the plumber. Plumbers are extremely expensive, and most fixes are fairly simple. Most of the time if a drain is clogged you just need a snake to fish out the blockage, but drain snakes are expensive. The other option is to try and clean out the pipe with a liquid cleaner like Drano, but these products are best avoided. There are thousands of people that use these products everyday without coming across an issue, but these products actually eat your pipes. The longer they sit the more pipe they will eat, which isn't good because they have to sit to work.

Don't use Drano Why Plumbers Hate Drano

The more often you use a chemical drain cleaner, the more likely you are to have to replace your pipes. Plus, they don't work near as well as:

Turbo Snake Drain Cleaner

The As Seen On TV Turbo Snake Drain Cleaner is an amazing product. This product has the same power as a lot of professional snakes, with innovative features to make things easier that people expect from As Seen On TV Products. Our Turbo Snake comes with a Shower & Tub Snake, a Sink Snake, and a Storage Hook for hanging the Turbo Snake on the inside of a cabinet or wherever you want to store yours. 

Turbo Snake Instructions

The Turbo Snake is extremely easy to use.

  1. Grab the snake and slowly feed it down the drain until you get to the blockage.
  2. Twist the Turbo Snake a few times
  3. Pull the Turbo Snake out and put the debris in the garbage.
  4. If blockage persists, repeat the first three steps once to twice more.

Insert, Twist, Pull

After a few uses of the Turbo Snake you'll develop your own technique. Personally, I twist the Turbo Snake as I'm pushing it into the drain and continue to twist while I pull it out, trying to scrape the walls of the pipe as I pull.

I've had 2 blockages in my kitchen sink, and one in the shower. The Sink Snake was ridiculously fast, after two twists the water started draining and after I pulled the artichoke pieces out with the Sink Snake it was like a new sink. The shower didn't take very long, although pulling out old wet hair is a little gross. If you want to avoid nasty shower drain cleaning and blockages, check out our review of the DrainWig.

Reusing / Cleaning the Turbo Snake

Some people throw away the Turbo Snake after a use, but this isn't really necessary. There are a few ways to clean the Turbo Snake, first use a gloves hand and remove everything that you easily can from the snake end. Then proceed to one of these three options:

  1. Use the front of a clear tape roll to comb the end. The metal teeth on the tape roll work great at grabbing things out of the Snake.
  2. Use a dry, firm Toothbrush. The Toothbrush works great to remove debris from the Turbo Snake.
  3. Use a lint roller. Link rollers work amazingly at grabbing everything your Turbo Snake might try and hold on to.

Turbo Snake Storage Hook Installation

The storage hook is simple, pull off the sticky tape on the back of the hook and stick it on the surface you want to hang your Turbo Snake from. I keep mine underneath the guest bathroom sink because it's out of the way and in the middle of the house.

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Copper Fit Compression Sleeve 0


Applying a compression sleeve to your knee and elbow joints provides comforting warmth and support that can prevent injury. Keeping muscles warm helps them perform better; you may have noticed that professional athletes do exercises for that purpose. Warmth increases the circulation of blood to muscles, helping to generate the circulation that makes muscles work smoothly and effectively. Copper Fit helps support improved circulation in the muscles that support your knee and elbow joints, leading to improved recovery time after exertion.

When you experience pain, stiffness or soreness in your elbows or knees, your ability to work or play is limited. Without resorting to drugs or over-the-counter medications, you can find relief with a compression sleeve for each joint. Naturally improving the circulation of blood avoids the side effects that are often associated with drugs, and Copper Fit makes it easy to get the support that your muscles need. Designed to prevent fatigue by keeping your muscles warm, it prevents strain that occurs when your muscles are cold and stiff.

You may wonder how to control the perspiration that results from strenuous exertion so that the sleeve does not slip out of place on your knee or elbow joint. Completely free of neoprene, Copper Fit acts like a wick to pull sweat away from your body to prevent rashes and chafing. The copper that is woven into the fabric helps the sleeve to fit snugly on your knee or elbow joint with the flexibility that allows you to move freely.

Joint pain that is acute and persistent curtails your activities, but you have an effective way to make your joints feel better by wearing a compression sleeve. With joy and relief, you may return to doing activities that you thought were gone forever. Regaining the ability to bend, stoop or squat without pain can make your life easier and more enjoyable. Carrying a jug of milk or a bag of groceries into your home is a convenience that you may enjoy once again. Let Copper Fit warm your muscles and help you get rid of annoying joint pain.

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Our Best Charger Cord & His Friends 0

Charging a cell phone used to be easy. You'd plug it in at night, and it was ready for the entire day. Now I charge my phone at work, in the car, and at my house. I seem to stay tethered, so I've gotten to know exactly what I do and don't like about charger cords. Those old cables never broke, I know because I still have cell phone cords from 8 years ago. Nowadays I can't get a cord that came out of an apple factory to last longer than a few months. Worse yet, apple makes it extremely hard for companies to develop cables for their products and those that try need to buy expensive licensing for the MFI certification (Made for iPhone). Then we have to worry if the charger cord is actually charging the phone properly, or fast enough. Usually if you are to get so lucky as to have a really good cable, it's either too short or plain looking.

Luckily for you, we've ordered more types of charging cables than we've ever even counted. We've tried these products, and our customers have tried these products and we finally have an idea of what our best chargers are. We're going to look through these charger cords and then I'll show you my personal favorite!

10ft Braided Charger Cord Review

Available for: iPhone 4, iPhone 5/6, and Micro USB for Android.

These 10ft long cables are braided, and extremely tough. 10 feet may not sound like a lot, but it's enough room for you to plug your phone in by your bed or desk and throw a complete fit without worrying about your phone unplugging. When I first got this job, I was given one of these cords and was told that everyone used them because they were awesome. I was sceptical that I would need a charger cord near that long. Surprisingly, I never got tangled in this cable. The Flat design of the cord keeps tangling minimal, and makes folding it up and taking it with you a snap. You simply fold it in half until it fits in your pocket, where it sits with no knot tying shenanigans.

The design on them is great, I love the green and purple option. The fact that it is made of braided nylon however, it the true strength of these cables. They're just tough! You could chew on them! I've literally seen the cat chew on them at my house. When you have a 6 year old, cables get blown out with a quickness. An iPad charger will last two weeks before the cable breaks, or at least it used to. When I got the 10ft braided iPad charger I realized that my emergency runs to wal-mart for a charger cord so that I could turn netflix on and get him to sleep were over! I'm literally grateful to this cord, and if you order one then you'll see why it's so easy to become a fan boy.

LED Light Up Charger Cord Review

Available for: iPhone 5/6 and Micro USB for Android.

Light up, LED USB Charger plugging into Android phone from lapton

This cable is awesome! It's my favorite because it's so cool, It lights up and the current flows visably. The casing of this chord is flat, but it doesn't tangle like so many others. It's made of a thick plastic that is almost like enamel, which gives the cable strength. It's surprisingly heavy duty. The blue electricity that flows down the cable is mesmerising, and as you use your device you can see the flow speed up or slow down, which is simply neat. This cable would be great for kids of most any age, even for you fully grown kids that might be reading this. It's also my fastest charging cable, by far. I don't know why it works so well, but my phone goes from dead to 30% charged in 20 minutes which is amazing for my phone. I highly recommend it.

LED Light up Charger plugged into car and spiraling around the cell phone.

See the rest!

You can go here to see all of our charger cables, or you can just go right to our electronics section to see all of the accessories at well. Don't forget to check out our holiday bundles as well for great deals on stocking stuffers!

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Dutch Glow 0


Dutch Glow is a wood cleaner made and used by the Amish for over a hundred years. It is a simple formula that has amazing results! It can be used on multiple wood surfaces, and even works on painted wood .It removes the wax buildup on the woods surface to give it that shine you thought was gone. You just put a little on a cloth and wipe away the smudges, water rings or whatever other build ups you might have. Dutch Glow also removes crayon from walls and furniture. Even if it’s painted wood you don’t have to worry about rubbing the paint off.

 I have quite a few wood pieces in my house and a couple of kids, which means I have lots of finger prints and smudges that I thought I was just going to have to live with. I wiped Dutch Glow on everything, and wiped all of those little prints away. It also worked great in the kitchen where my husband loves to cook, but has a tendency to get grease on the wall behind the stove. I just wiped that away to. And I think best of all it saves so much time. I don’t have to worry about cleaning as much, because it is formulated to repel dust. Dutch Glow is my go to cleaning from now on!

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