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The slingshot has a long history, rich history. It's been used for hunting and self-protection for many years, since the times of the stone age when a leather strap and a rock was used as a sling. The sling is arguably one of the most famous weapons, as depicted in the story of David and Goliath. The sling in this story was enough to kill a grown man, and as you can imagine it's older brother, the slingshot, is even more powerful. This is why, even though the slingshot is considered a toy, it is important to realize that this object is first and foremost a weapon. You need to check with your local laws and make sure that slingshots are legal, and where you are allowed to carry them. In this article we're going to look at why you'd want a slingshot, how to be safe with the slingshot, and take a look at our hand carved wooden slingshot that we offer in our store here at As Seen On TV Hot 10.

Benefits and Uses of Slingshot Training

Training with a Slingshot can be incredibly fun, but it can also make some incredible adaptations in the body. As you practice, your hand eye coordination can be drastically improved, wrist strength, hand and body stability, as well as breath control all see benefits. These adaptations can be further compounded by practicing with both hands. So as well as being a relaxing pastime, it is a light form of exercise and sharpens up several mental faculties.

The same goes for children, who are more ready to learn and grow than adults. The cool thing about slingshots is there there are two schools of thought when it comes to practice, there is skillful and natural aiming. Skillful aiming is attempting to apply techniques, stances, and draw methods to your shooting. This can be interesting for people who compete in the sport to try new things, but the other method is just as valid. The instinctive method of shooting is just going out there and shooting. If you pay close attention while shooting, you can find what works and doesn't work though trial and error. You can mess with how you stand, how you draw, where you hold it, and the more you experiment and find what works the more effortless shooting will be.

Improving your Slingshot Training

Going with this natural method of shooting, you can further increase the challenges on yourself by setting up a simple course. You can set up a series of targets evenly spaced out, and put X's on the ground to stand on at different distances from the targets. You can time yourself and record the points you get on each target, and then keep a log and try to improve your accuracy or speed each week. You can then make rules for each target, like squat down on the second target, lay down on the ground on the fourth or the first. There's nothing like getting exercise while practicing marksmanship. There is a calm, zen like state that can happen while shooting where you aren't thinking of anything but the target and where your body is, and you live perfectly in the moment until you hit that target. This is very close to a form of meditation called mindfulness.

Set your sights on nirvana. Hand carved Black bear slingshot in front of a buddha statue.

Slingshot Safety

There are certain safety measures you should take with Slingshots, as they can be moderately dangerous to downright deadly depending on the model. Our Hand Carved Wooden Slingshot is a starter model for kids or people who want a reliable starter slingshot for a good price. When you get up to the heavier modelers or the super strong wrist rockets you want to make safety even more of a concern. Most importantly, if you buy a slingshot for your child, make sure that the following rules are posted and shouldn't ever be skipped or ignored. This sets up a foundation for general weapon safety and responsibility.

  • Wear Safety glasses. You don't want a wood or metal ball bearing in your eye.
  • Shoot Outside. There is less of a chance of getting a recoil shot that bounces around a room until it hits you.
  • If possible, wear a hoodie or some other sort of thick article of clothing. You want similar protection to what you'd wear going paintballing.

Hand Carved Wooden Animal Slingshot Review

Our Wooden Slingshots are hand carved and painted with extremely cool animal designs, and feature a faux leather strap connected by a strong surgical latex rubber tube, doubled back and tied through itself with 1/4in. of overlap to make sure there isn't any slipping.

We carry over 10 different styles: Alligator, Black Bear, Buck, Buffalo, Eagle, Giraffe, Long Horn, Rattlesnake, Tiger, Wolf. To see them visit our shop page!

All Slingshots are $8.95, and our bags of slingshot ammo are $2.99/40 rounds. All items on our store come with a "no-worries" money back guarantee. Feel free to visit our store, or order over the phone by calling (850) 234-3000!

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