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Breakfast can be hard to make. Not because of the difficulty of breakfast food, but because of finding the time. In college, I would sleep until the last possible moment before jumping up for a shower and then driving to school or work. Now, with kids, things haven't changed much. But my to-do list has become much longer, and my last possible moment is two hours before everyone has to be out of the door. When I found a product in the store that promised to save massive amounts of time in the morning and make eggs that are better than I could make on my own, I knew I wanted to try it. However, I'm an extremely picky eater - and I'm highly distrustful of something good coming out of the microwave.

Eggtastic! Scrambled Eggs, Egg Sandwiches, and Poached Eggs in minutes! Ceramic Microwave Egg Cooker

Eggtastic Review

The As Seen On TV Eggtastic delivers everything it says and more. The Eggtastic is a ceramic microwave egg cooker. The commercials promise that you can make poached eggs, scrambled eggs, and more. Here is the original commercial.

The first thing I tried to make was scrambled eggs. I simply followed the directions inside the box and found the cook time on the chart that was included with the Eggtastic. They came out great, and as I was eating I saw my fiancée eyeing this contraption. I went to work to start on the blog post for this cooking device, already thinking it was awesome, when she called me. I was asked where the instructions were for poached eggs like they made in the commercial. I realized that there wasn't any, and then after searching online I still couldn't find any information. Other eggtastic reviews simply made the eggs like I did and stopped. When I got home she had made turkish poached eggs, loaded scrambled eggs, and even egg custard in the eggtastic! I was blown away by how versatile this product was, and how good the things that came out of it tasted! Best of all these things were extremely easy. So now we are going to release our own recipes for the eggtastic, so that you can get the most out of this product and speed up your mornings while getting a better breakfast! Check out our video review with the recipe, and subscribe to our youtube channel or this blog for more eggtastic recipes coming soon!

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Eggtastic Video Review & Eggtastic Scrambled Eggs

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