Handy Can Opener Review


Opening cans is a process that most people either take for granted or find minorly inconvenient, but for others it can be an extremely troublesome task. Arthritis can be debilitating when it comes time to do simple everyday tasks, such as opening a can of vegetables for dinner. Here at As Seen On TV Hot 10, we are constantly looking for products that can make people's lives easier. Why? Because we have family members with needs, and we want to improve their quality of life just as much as we want to improve yours and your family's. We do this by finding the best quality products we can, and offering a ""No worries"" money back guarantee. Whether you want a product so that a freedom of living is brought back, or if you just want to save time during dinner, we've got you covered.

Handy Can Opener Review

We found a product called the Handy Can Opener, and the buzz around the office was great. We've carried automatic can openers before, such as the tornado can opener or the toucan can opener, but this one was much higher quality and impressively simple. I took it home and tried it, which you can see in our video review below. The handy can opener can open a can in around 15 seconds and leaves no sharp edges so there is no worrying about cutting yourself. As an added bonus, after the cans have been opened you can peel the label off and use them for storage because of the fact that there are no edges.

As an added bonus, the handy can opener comes in 4 colors.

Automatic Can Opener In Action

Here is our video review where you can see the handy can opener in all of it's one touch automatic can opening glory.

Video Review

Buy the Handy Can Opener

The handy can opener is $14.95 on our website, and once again comes with our ""No Worries"" money back guarantee. Simply call us at (850) 234-3000 if you want to place an order or make a return, or go to our store and place an order now!

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