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Eating out is expensive, and for the majority of people isn't sustainable everyday. But we all have to work, and most of us take a lunch break. If your office doesn't have a fridge you're out of luck. If it does have a fridge you have to hope it doesn't get pilfered by the office lunch thief. Maybe you have a child in school, their lunches probably don't get refrigerated during the day. This can be a problem because after 4 hours in what people in the culinary industry call, "the temperature danger zone" food  bacteria levels get to dangerous levels. If your child goes to school with a ham sandwich made at 6 that morning, after 10 there is a serious gamble being taken with your child's health.

The obvious solution is freezer packs, those blue bags or plastic packs that your freeze, and then stuff in a lunch box to turn it into a cooler. This is a decent solution, but they sweat making your items soggy and take up space that could be used for food. Luckily As Seen On TV has a better solution: Packit!

Packit Lunch Bag Review

Packit is a freezable lunch bag that offers several upgrades on a conventional lunch box. Each panel is fitted with a freezable gel like the freezer packs you're probably used to, but instead of that thin plastic that always seems to turn your sandwiches to soup, there is a special material blend that resists water and condensation. Packit Contains no PVC, BPA, lead or other harmful chemicals, the nontoxic materials are completely harmless. The special materials used in the Packit are made of waterproof EVA and poly canvas. After an overnight freeze, the Packit will keep your food cold for 10 hours. This is more than long enough to make it through the work/school day and the drive home if you have leftovers. Compare that to leading coolers and Packit lasts three times as long thanks to the built in cooling material in every panel.

Packit Size

Packit is 8.25x10in

This is enough room for a 20oz. drink, a sandwich, a bag of chips, a candy bar, with room left over for a few more of your favorite items.

Cleaning the Packit

The antimicrobial lining on the inside makes clean up easy, all you have to do is wipe it out with a rag and whatever cleaner you prefer to use. You can also spray it out in your sink and wipe it with a paper towel to dry. The process of freezing the lunch box also stops all microbial and viral growth, keeping your food safer and your health in check.

Packit Styles

The P is one of the most stylish lunch boxes around. While still important for adults, to kids in school the lunch box is an accessory. Something to be proud of or judged on. We carry the Packit in 8 great styles to match each child's personality. On top of the look of the Packit, your child can brag about all of the technology and innovation built into the Packit.


As usual this item is backed by our no worries guarantee, feel free to return this product for any reason whatsoever. You can also call us at (850) 234-3000 if you have any questions, concerns, or if you need help ordering!

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