Copper Fit Compression Sleeve



Applying a compression sleeve to your knee and elbow joints provides comforting warmth and support that can prevent injury. Keeping muscles warm helps them perform better; you may have noticed that professional athletes do exercises for that purpose. Warmth increases the circulation of blood to muscles, helping to generate the circulation that makes muscles work smoothly and effectively. Copper Fit helps support improved circulation in the muscles that support your knee and elbow joints, leading to improved recovery time after exertion.

When you experience pain, stiffness or soreness in your elbows or knees, your ability to work or play is limited. Without resorting to drugs or over-the-counter medications, you can find relief with a compression sleeve for each joint. Naturally improving the circulation of blood avoids the side effects that are often associated with drugs, and Copper Fit makes it easy to get the support that your muscles need. Designed to prevent fatigue by keeping your muscles warm, it prevents strain that occurs when your muscles are cold and stiff.

You may wonder how to control the perspiration that results from strenuous exertion so that the sleeve does not slip out of place on your knee or elbow joint. Completely free of neoprene, Copper Fit acts like a wick to pull sweat away from your body to prevent rashes and chafing. The copper that is woven into the fabric helps the sleeve to fit snugly on your knee or elbow joint with the flexibility that allows you to move freely.

Joint pain that is acute and persistent curtails your activities, but you have an effective way to make your joints feel better by wearing a compression sleeve. With joy and relief, you may return to doing activities that you thought were gone forever. Regaining the ability to bend, stoop or squat without pain can make your life easier and more enjoyable. Carrying a jug of milk or a bag of groceries into your home is a convenience that you may enjoy once again. Let Copper Fit warm your muscles and help you get rid of annoying joint pain.

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