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Charging a cell phone used to be easy. You'd plug it in at night, and it was ready for the entire day. Now I charge my phone at work, in the car, and at my house. I seem to stay tethered, so I've gotten to know exactly what I do and don't like about charger cords. Those old cables never broke, I know because I still have cell phone cords from 8 years ago. Nowadays I can't get a cord that came out of an apple factory to last longer than a few months. Worse yet, apple makes it extremely hard for companies to develop cables for their products and those that try need to buy expensive licensing for the MFI certification (Made for iPhone). Then we have to worry if the charger cord is actually charging the phone properly, or fast enough. Usually if you are to get so lucky as to have a really good cable, it's either too short or plain looking.

Luckily for you, we've ordered more types of charging cables than we've ever even counted. We've tried these products, and our customers have tried these products and we finally have an idea of what our best chargers are. We're going to look through these charger cords and then I'll show you my personal favorite!

10ft Braided Charger Cord Review

Available for: iPhone 4, iPhone 5/6, and Micro USB for Android.

These 10ft long cables are braided, and extremely tough. 10 feet may not sound like a lot, but it's enough room for you to plug your phone in by your bed or desk and throw a complete fit without worrying about your phone unplugging. When I first got this job, I was given one of these cords and was told that everyone used them because they were awesome. I was sceptical that I would need a charger cord near that long. Surprisingly, I never got tangled in this cable. The Flat design of the cord keeps tangling minimal, and makes folding it up and taking it with you a snap. You simply fold it in half until it fits in your pocket, where it sits with no knot tying shenanigans.

The design on them is great, I love the green and purple option. The fact that it is made of braided nylon however, it the true strength of these cables. They're just tough! You could chew on them! I've literally seen the cat chew on them at my house. When you have a 6 year old, cables get blown out with a quickness. An iPad charger will last two weeks before the cable breaks, or at least it used to. When I got the 10ft braided iPad charger I realized that my emergency runs to wal-mart for a charger cord so that I could turn netflix on and get him to sleep were over! I'm literally grateful to this cord, and if you order one then you'll see why it's so easy to become a fan boy.

LED Light Up Charger Cord Review

Available for: iPhone 5/6 and Micro USB for Android.

Light up, LED USB Charger plugging into Android phone from lapton

This cable is awesome! It's my favorite because it's so cool, It lights up and the current flows visably. The casing of this chord is flat, but it doesn't tangle like so many others. It's made of a thick plastic that is almost like enamel, which gives the cable strength. It's surprisingly heavy duty. The blue electricity that flows down the cable is mesmerising, and as you use your device you can see the flow speed up or slow down, which is simply neat. This cable would be great for kids of most any age, even for you fully grown kids that might be reading this. It's also my fastest charging cable, by far. I don't know why it works so well, but my phone goes from dead to 30% charged in 20 minutes which is amazing for my phone. I highly recommend it.

LED Light up Charger plugged into car and spiraling around the cell phone.

See the rest!

You can go here to see all of our charger cables, or you can just go right to our electronics section to see all of the accessories at well. Don't forget to check out our holiday bundles as well for great deals on stocking stuffers!

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