Virtual Reality On A Budget


Virtual Reality was a big idea in the 80's, but it fizzled out by the 90's. Now virtual reality is seeing a huge resurgence in popularity. Expensive headsets litter tech magazines, omnidirectional treadmills that cost in the thousands, and a piece of cardboard that folds up and controls your phones with two magnets.

Virtual Reality Cardboard?

Google's Carboard virtual reality headset being folded up from a flat piece of cardboard.

Google Cardboard is a new project by Google meant to create interest in virtual reality, while bringing it to the masses. The Google Play store has tons of apps that have 3D virtual reality enabled via google cardboard. While we are pushing technology more than ever,  companies are contantly making a better more immersive headset, but most people don't want to drop $300 or more on something they aren't sure if they'll even be interested in. Google has always embraced simplicity, this time they took a futuristic idea like Virtual Reality and made it possible with one of the cheapest materials available, while somehow crafting a high quality product.

So what can you do with it?

How about watch a 3D painting come to life around you

 with tilt brush?

Watch 3D videos from your favorite sports teams or music artists with YouTube360.

Or play the most extreme game of ping pong by launching into a computer to do battle with the M.O.A.I. core? Then Proton Pulse is for you.

Still not convinced?

What if you found out that it was $10? Our Google Cardboard Glasses are perfect for deciding if you have any interest in VR, or as a high quality entry level VR headset. All you need is our headset and an iOS or Android device. Check it out on our web store for free shipping!

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