Eggtastic Poached Egg Recipe


We've looked at the EggTastic before, but today we're going to really start exploring it's potential. In the EggTastic commercials it says that it can make a poached egg. Poaching an egg is notoriously difficult when compared to frying or scrambling an egg. Poaching is the process of dropping an egg into boiling water, cooking it to just the right temperature, and then getting it back out of the boiling water without ever busting the yolk.

Unfortunately there are no actual instructions for poaching an egg in this thing, or proof that you even can. That is, until now. I once again called in backup and Eva's culinary mind found a way! In the video below we'll show you how to poach an egg with the eggtastic, and the instructions will be written out below.

Eggtastic Egg Poaching Video

EggTastic Egg Poaching Instructions

  1. Fill your EggTastic 1/4 to 1/2 in. from the bottom with water.
  2. Without breaking the yolk of the egg, crack your egg into the eggtastic
  3. Put the lid on and cook for 45 seconds in your microwave. The time might vary by 15 seconds.
  4. Let the egg sit with the lid on for an additional minute to let the cooking process finish
  5. Lift with a slotted spoon and enjoy!

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