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Clogged pipes are a hassle. For the majority of people, fixing this involves calling the plumber. Plumbers are extremely expensive, and most fixes are fairly simple. Most of the time if a drain is clogged you just need a snake to fish out the blockage, but drain snakes are expensive. The other option is to try and clean out the pipe with a liquid cleaner like Drano, but these products are best avoided. There are thousands of people that use these products everyday without coming across an issue, but these products actually eat your pipes. The longer they sit the more pipe they will eat, which isn't good because they have to sit to work.

Don't use Drano Why Plumbers Hate Drano

The more often you use a chemical drain cleaner, the more likely you are to have to replace your pipes. Plus, they don't work near as well as:

Turbo Snake Drain Cleaner

The As Seen On TV Turbo Snake Drain Cleaner is an amazing product. This product has the same power as a lot of professional snakes, with innovative features to make things easier that people expect from As Seen On TV Products. Our Turbo Snake comes with a Shower & Tub Snake, a Sink Snake, and a Storage Hook for hanging the Turbo Snake on the inside of a cabinet or wherever you want to store yours. 

Turbo Snake Instructions

The Turbo Snake is extremely easy to use.

  1. Grab the snake and slowly feed it down the drain until you get to the blockage.
  2. Twist the Turbo Snake a few times
  3. Pull the Turbo Snake out and put the debris in the garbage.
  4. If blockage persists, repeat the first three steps once to twice more.

Insert, Twist, Pull

After a few uses of the Turbo Snake you'll develop your own technique. Personally, I twist the Turbo Snake as I'm pushing it into the drain and continue to twist while I pull it out, trying to scrape the walls of the pipe as I pull.

I've had 2 blockages in my kitchen sink, and one in the shower. The Sink Snake was ridiculously fast, after two twists the water started draining and after I pulled the artichoke pieces out with the Sink Snake it was like a new sink. The shower didn't take very long, although pulling out old wet hair is a little gross. If you want to avoid nasty shower drain cleaning and blockages, check out our review of the DrainWig.

Reusing / Cleaning the Turbo Snake

Some people throw away the Turbo Snake after a use, but this isn't really necessary. There are a few ways to clean the Turbo Snake, first use a gloves hand and remove everything that you easily can from the snake end. Then proceed to one of these three options:

  1. Use the front of a clear tape roll to comb the end. The metal teeth on the tape roll work great at grabbing things out of the Snake.
  2. Use a dry, firm Toothbrush. The Toothbrush works great to remove debris from the Turbo Snake.
  3. Use a lint roller. Link rollers work amazingly at grabbing everything your Turbo Snake might try and hold on to.

Turbo Snake Storage Hook Installation

The storage hook is simple, pull off the sticky tape on the back of the hook and stick it on the surface you want to hang your Turbo Snake from. I keep mine underneath the guest bathroom sink because it's out of the way and in the middle of the house.

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