Juggle Bubbles



Juggle Bubbles are bubbles that won’t pop. Everyday soapy bubbles don’t last very long, make a soapy mess and you don’t always get a bubble when you blow! Juggle Bubbles are made with a special solution that creates bubbles that lasts longer, grow bigger and won’t pop! You just pour the magic solution into the tray. Put on your Juggle Bubble gloves. Dip your blow wand into the solution and blow your bubble. Juggle Bubbles can be used indoors or outdoors.

                The gloves allow you to catch your bubble and it won’t pop. You can toss your bubble around or blow multiple bubbles and juggle them all at one time. You can also play with your friends which ordinary bubbles wouldn’t allow you to do! Just you and your friend put the magic gloves on and toss the bubble back and forth. You can make a game out of it and try to not let the bubble hit the ground. Keep your children’s attention for hours and get them outside and playing with Juggle Bubbles!

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  • samuel lourcey
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