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As I've been christmas shopping I've been pretty amazed at all the new toys and products for kids. Sketchbooks that come to life on your iPad, new video games, more kinds of plato and crayons than you could even hope to count; yet it seems like something is missing. For example, I spent 30 minutes in Wall-Mart trying to find coloring books. All of the really great toys from my youth have fallen away. Luckily, we still carry them at As Seen On TV Hot 10.

I've put together a list of really awesome toys for kids who are artistically minded. I remember almost all of these from when I was a kid, and I was super excited to find these when I was walking through our store. The header image above was actually made by taking drawings my 6-year-old made. while I was scanning and making the collage, he was still drawing.


Who remembers the Spirograph? That was the thing that you could use to make those fractal looking patterns with the wheel that you stuck your pen in. We'll since it came out 50 years ago, the spirograph has been updated and worked on several times. I'm going to show you my four favorites.

Spirograph Design Set

I think of this one as the standard entry level model. It comes with 6 pattern wheels, two pens in red and blue (you can use any pen though), the Spiro-Putty for holding the wheel on the page, a 10 page Design Guide Book, and a 24 page design pad 5""x7"". This model has everything you need to merge art and mathematics to create beautifully intricate designs. Get the Spirograph Design Set

Travel Spirograph

If the original Spirograph isn't working with your on the go lifestyle, then you should really check out the Travel Spirograph! It's awesome for keeping kids entertained on a road trip without scattering pieces all over your vehicle. It has 6 wheels, two pens, a 24 page pad, and the design guide for adding some inspiration if it's needed. The carrying case doubles as the main wheel holder so bumps on the road are no problem and you don't need to use the Spiro-Putty. Get the Travel Spirograph

Spirograph 3D!

The 3D Spirograph is really awesome. 3D is a big thing right now, and this is a throwback to the classic red & blue glasses era of ""immersion technology"". This set comes with 3 design markers (red, blue, and black), has 6 wheels, a rack, and a bar (see pictures below), 2 3D sticker sheets, a 16 page design book to really polish your multi-dimensional effect, 10 sheets of design paper, a 24 page 3D pattern Pad, and the faithful Spiro-Putty. The designs pop right off of the page. Get the Spirograph 3D

Spirograph Deluxe Set

The spirograph deluxe set is the largest of the spirographs. It comes with 15 wheels, 4 shaped wheels, two rings, 3 design pens (Green, Blue, and Red), a rack for measuring, 20 sheets of design paper, a 14 page design guide, and the ever faithful Spiro-Putty. Get the Spirograph Deluxe Set

Color Change Markers!

The color change markers are totally awesome. You can draw the shape of what you want, and add detail with the color change pen; as you can see in the header image with The Hulk! It comes with a set of stencils, two magic color change pens, and 18 assorted pens with changing colors. Get the Magic Pens color change markers

We hope you like some of these items, and as always if you have any questions call us at 850-234-3000 or email us at

All of our products come with a no worries money back guarantee.

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Purrfect Arch Groomer 0


Just when you think…. what else can they come out with for your already spoiled pet. Bam, the Purrfect Arch has arrived. And I have to say my cat LOVES it. It’s like an all in one, at home cat grooming system. The concept is so simple but so brilliant. It’s an arch made of bristles and is attached to a carpeted base so when your cat rubs up against it, or walks through it, they get a great massage and combing at the same time! Genius!

My cat can’t seem to get enough of the Purrfect Arch. It’s infused with cat nip and since the base has carpet on it, it is a perfect scratching post, so I don’t have to worry about her scratching my furniture. The base is also rubberized so my cat can rub up against it has hard as she wants and it’s not going to move and startle her. The bristles remove all that excess hair so I don't have to clean up cat hair nearly as much and she doesn't seem to be choking on fur balls anymore. It’s not only my new favorite product but my cat gives the Purrfect Arch two paws up!

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Dump Cakes 0

dump cake

Dump Cakes is a great new recipe book for mistake proof baking. No more measuring wrong or forgetting any ingredients. It’s just two easy steps. Dump and Bake. It comes with hundreds of recipes from cakes to brownies and the prep time is short. You just pour in some cake mix, add any other ingredients you want, add your liquid (if needed) and bake! It eliminates any extra dishes you have, when baking from scratch.

Now when I need a quick dessert, in short notice for a party or one of my kids school functions. I know I can just reach for my Dump Cakes Recipe book and I can have a great dessert ready to go in no time. No more holiday disasters with me panicking when I have ruined the dessert (which has happened more than a few times). I’m just going to go straight to the Dump Cake book and have multiple desserts that are going to be quick and delicious!

There are so many different recipes in this book that I had no idea existed! Who knew you could use soda in so many cakes. You can also build on the recipes that are in the book to make them your own. Add some chocolate chips here or add some extra cookies or peanut butter there. That’s how easy they all are. Now my friends and family are calling on me to bring the dessert to every get together, and with Dump Cakes its a breeze.


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Finishing Touch Yes 0

Unfortunately As Seen On TV Hot 10 no longer carries the Finishing Touch Yes. We received numerous bad reviews and found that this product didn't work for everyone, especially if you had thicker hair. Thankfully we do carry the Finishing Touch Lumia! Which is a micro razor hair removal tool. Check it out on our website, and subscribe to the blog because we are working on getting a laser hair removal tool that will put the finishing touch yes to shame.


Almost everyone has unwanted hair, and getting rid of it is a challenge. In a struggle to find something that really works, you have probably tried methods that are painful or have an unpleasant odor. Products that have no recommendation from dermatologists may create burns, rashes or other skin reactions that are unattractive and painful. Finishing Touch Yes is dermatologist recommended, and you can use it to safely and painlessly remove unwanted hair anywhere on your body.

Advanced technology in Finishing Touch Yes gives you an effective way to get rid of hair with highly effective and innovative methods. A patent is pending on Sensa-Light Technology, a product that is safe to use on every skin tone and in any area. As soon as you activate it and press it against your skin, it causes finely engineered blades to trim your unwanted hair without nicks, cuts or burns. You get to enjoy a smooth surface without experiencing chemical burns or unpleasant odors. Your Finishing Touch Yes gives you painless hair removal instantly, and it works for everyone regardless of age, skin color or hair type. It is ready when the purple Sensa-Light head and the green LED light start flashing. When you let the head touch your skin, you start the painless process of removing your unwanted hair.

Gently guiding it in a direction that is opposite of the way that your hair grows produces the best results. In less than three hours, you can fully charge it and start using it on clean and dry skin. As soon as you remove the Sensa-Light from your skin, it shuts off. You can activate it again by placing the head of the light on your skin. With remarkable advances in technology, you now have access to a painless way to remove unsightly hair from any area of your body. Without the annoying nicks, burns, cuts and chemical smells that result from using other hair removal products, you can relax and enjoy the superior craftsmanship of Finishing Touch Yes. The tool that you have waited for is ready and waiting for you.

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HD Vision Day and Night Visor Review 0

If you've ever driven east in the morning or west in the afternoon then you'll know the annoyance that the sun can be. Night driving is just as bad or worse because of car headlights dazing you right as you go around a 'blind' curve. Luckily there is an As Seen On TV product that can offer a great solution. The HD Vision Day and Night Visor. Let's take a look at what makes this product so special.

JJ Abrams covered in lens flairs Is JJ Abrams directing my drive home?

Why the HD Vision Visor?

The HD Vision Visor eliminates the need for sunglasses while you're. It’s like having two pairs of HD sunglasses without worrying about losing them or breaking them. I have always loved my HD sunglasses, especially for fishing or driving. When they came out with the HD night glasses I was even more excited, but I have a real problem losing them. Having to use a day pair and a night pair it seemed I always had the wrong one at the wrong time. So the HD Vision Visor has solved my problem on many fronts. I don’t have to worry about searching for glasses anymore.

How does the HD Vision Day and Night Visor work?

The HD Vision Day and Night Visor is a two-part solution. The first panel flips down to cut brightness and glare from the sun. It does surprisingly well, using the same technology put to work in higher end sunglasses to block UV rays that reduce your vision and cause permanent damage to your eyes. What you may not realize is how much clearer your vision will be. There is an instant increase in contrast and clarity which seems to amplify your eyes ability to notice movement. It feels like you can see things coming from half a mile away.

The night visor is simply incredible. I've gotten optical migraines most of my life, and it seems a car headlight on a dark night can trigger one out of nowhere. The HD Vision's Night visor reduces the glare from car headlights to a point where it simply isn't an issue. The night visor not only cuts the brightness of these car headlights, it keeps the rest of the world from going dark. When you see something bright your eyes adjust their exposure like a camera, the HD Vision Visor keeps everything as bright as it needs to be.

Headlights cause blinding glare at night, making driving dangerous while slowing you down. HD Vision Day & Night Visor Cuts through glare and illuminates your view.

HD Vision Day & Night Visor Instructions

Installation is extremely easy, there's basically only one step: hook it to your visor! But we'll break it down here, just in case.

  1. Remove your product from the package, and take the protective films off of the visors.
  2. Clip the HD Vision to the back of your visor.
  3. Flip down the dark visor for the day, or flip down the lighter visor during the night.
  4. Don't use both visors at the same time, this will reduce your vision too much and isn't needed. Each visor is specialised for the time of day.

The HD Vision Day & Night Visor also comes with a microfiber cloth for cleaning off the visor if it should become smudged.

How much does the HD Vision Day & Night Visor Cost?

As of writing this I've just lowered our price on the HD Vision Day & Night Visor to $9.99 with $5.99 shipping and handling. Any time that we see we can save you money while keeping our small team afloat we make it happen. As always this product is backed by our no worries guarantee, which means we will refund you with no questions asked. You can always give us a call at (850) 234-3000 with any questions or if you want us to place an order for you.

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Zip Sox 0

As Seen On TV Hot 10 no longer carries Zip Socks. However, we do have a list of products that would serve as amazing alternatives! Go to the health and fitness section to see all of our alternatives!


Wearing compression socks is a great way to reduce leg pain by increasing circulation. Standing for a long time or sitting in the same position without getting up allows your blood to pool in your lower extremities. The lack of circulation can make your feet and ankles swell, an uncomfortable situation for most people. Compression Zip Sox are easy to put on and take off, making it convenient to get the relief that you need.

The strength of most compression socks makes them effective in increasing circulation, but it also makes them difficult to put on. Zip Sox have a zipper that lets you easily close the sock, a great improvement over compression socks that challenge you to put them on. Bending over to reach your foot puts you in a position where you have limited strength, making it hard to pull a sock over your heel. Anyone who has arthritic hands usually avoids putting pressure on painful joints, and Zip Sox give you another option with a zipper that starts just above your ankle.

A blend of nylon and spandex is comfortable to wear, and it feels good on your skin. The toeless sock puts no pressure on your toes, and it fits all foot sizes in any style of shoe. Wearing compression socks can help you cope with poor blood circulation and varicose veins as well as with general stiffness, swelling and throbbing. With socks that give you many health benefits and require no effort to put on, you can take action immediately to improve the condition of your lower legs.

Even though the spandex blend is strong, it is not bulky. You can easily wear Zip Sox with your boots or fashion shoes, and the pinch resistant zipper lies flat and unnoticed on your leg. Comfortable to wear all day as you sit at a desk, stand or run errands, the socks improve your circulation and reduce pain. You may choose to wear them at night so that you have no swelling in your legs when you get up in the morning.

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