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As I've been christmas shopping I've been pretty amazed at all the new toys and products for kids. Sketchbooks that come to life on your iPad, new video games, more kinds of plato and crayons than you could even hope to count; yet it seems like something is missing. For example, I spent 30 minutes in Wall-Mart trying to find coloring books. All of the really great toys from my youth have fallen away. Luckily, we still carry them at As Seen On TV Hot 10.

I've put together a list of really awesome toys for kids who are artistically minded. I remember almost all of these from when I was a kid, and I was super excited to find these when I was walking through our store. The header image above was actually made by taking drawings my 6-year-old made. while I was scanning and making the collage, he was still drawing.


Who remembers the Spirograph? That was the thing that you could use to make those fractal looking patterns with the wheel that you stuck your pen in. We'll since it came out 50 years ago, the spirograph has been updated and worked on several times. I'm going to show you my four favorites.

Spirograph Design Set

I think of this one as the standard entry level model. It comes with 6 pattern wheels, two pens in red and blue (you can use any pen though), the Spiro-Putty for holding the wheel on the page, a 10 page Design Guide Book, and a 24 page design pad 5""x7"". This model has everything you need to merge art and mathematics to create beautifully intricate designs. Get the Spirograph Design Set

Travel Spirograph

If the original Spirograph isn't working with your on the go lifestyle, then you should really check out the Travel Spirograph! It's awesome for keeping kids entertained on a road trip without scattering pieces all over your vehicle. It has 6 wheels, two pens, a 24 page pad, and the design guide for adding some inspiration if it's needed. The carrying case doubles as the main wheel holder so bumps on the road are no problem and you don't need to use the Spiro-Putty. Get the Travel Spirograph

Spirograph 3D!

The 3D Spirograph is really awesome. 3D is a big thing right now, and this is a throwback to the classic red & blue glasses era of ""immersion technology"". This set comes with 3 design markers (red, blue, and black), has 6 wheels, a rack, and a bar (see pictures below), 2 3D sticker sheets, a 16 page design book to really polish your multi-dimensional effect, 10 sheets of design paper, a 24 page 3D pattern Pad, and the faithful Spiro-Putty. The designs pop right off of the page. Get the Spirograph 3D

Spirograph Deluxe Set

The spirograph deluxe set is the largest of the spirographs. It comes with 15 wheels, 4 shaped wheels, two rings, 3 design pens (Green, Blue, and Red), a rack for measuring, 20 sheets of design paper, a 14 page design guide, and the ever faithful Spiro-Putty. Get the Spirograph Deluxe Set

Color Change Markers!

The color change markers are totally awesome. You can draw the shape of what you want, and add detail with the color change pen; as you can see in the header image with The Hulk! It comes with a set of stencils, two magic color change pens, and 18 assorted pens with changing colors. Get the Magic Pens color change markers

We hope you like some of these items, and as always if you have any questions call us at 850-234-3000 or email us at support@asseenontvhot10.com

All of our products come with a no worries money back guarantee.

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