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dump cake

Dump Cakes is a great new recipe book for mistake proof baking. No more measuring wrong or forgetting any ingredients. It’s just two easy steps. Dump and Bake. It comes with hundreds of recipes from cakes to brownies and the prep time is short. You just pour in some cake mix, add any other ingredients you want, add your liquid (if needed) and bake! It eliminates any extra dishes you have, when baking from scratch.

Now when I need a quick dessert, in short notice for a party or one of my kids school functions. I know I can just reach for my Dump Cakes Recipe book and I can have a great dessert ready to go in no time. No more holiday disasters with me panicking when I have ruined the dessert (which has happened more than a few times). I’m just going to go straight to the Dump Cake book and have multiple desserts that are going to be quick and delicious!

There are so many different recipes in this book that I had no idea existed! Who knew you could use soda in so many cakes. You can also build on the recipes that are in the book to make them your own. Add some chocolate chips here or add some extra cookies or peanut butter there. That’s how easy they all are. Now my friends and family are calling on me to bring the dessert to every get together, and with Dump Cakes its a breeze.


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  • samuel lourcey
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