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If you've ever driven east in the morning or west in the afternoon then you'll know the annoyance that the sun can be. Night driving is just as bad or worse because of car headlights dazing you right as you go around a 'blind' curve. Luckily there is an As Seen On TV product that can offer a great solution. The HD Vision Day and Night Visor. Let's take a look at what makes this product so special.

JJ Abrams covered in lens flairs Is JJ Abrams directing my drive home?

Why the HD Vision Visor?

The HD Vision Visor eliminates the need for sunglasses while you're. It’s like having two pairs of HD sunglasses without worrying about losing them or breaking them. I have always loved my HD sunglasses, especially for fishing or driving. When they came out with the HD night glasses I was even more excited, but I have a real problem losing them. Having to use a day pair and a night pair it seemed I always had the wrong one at the wrong time. So the HD Vision Visor has solved my problem on many fronts. I don’t have to worry about searching for glasses anymore.

How does the HD Vision Day and Night Visor work?

The HD Vision Day and Night Visor is a two-part solution. The first panel flips down to cut brightness and glare from the sun. It does surprisingly well, using the same technology put to work in higher end sunglasses to block UV rays that reduce your vision and cause permanent damage to your eyes. What you may not realize is how much clearer your vision will be. There is an instant increase in contrast and clarity which seems to amplify your eyes ability to notice movement. It feels like you can see things coming from half a mile away.

The night visor is simply incredible. I've gotten optical migraines most of my life, and it seems a car headlight on a dark night can trigger one out of nowhere. The HD Vision's Night visor reduces the glare from car headlights to a point where it simply isn't an issue. The night visor not only cuts the brightness of these car headlights, it keeps the rest of the world from going dark. When you see something bright your eyes adjust their exposure like a camera, the HD Vision Visor keeps everything as bright as it needs to be.

Headlights cause blinding glare at night, making driving dangerous while slowing you down. HD Vision Day & Night Visor Cuts through glare and illuminates your view.

HD Vision Day & Night Visor Instructions

Installation is extremely easy, there's basically only one step: hook it to your visor! But we'll break it down here, just in case.

  1. Remove your product from the package, and take the protective films off of the visors.
  2. Clip the HD Vision to the back of your visor.
  3. Flip down the dark visor for the day, or flip down the lighter visor during the night.
  4. Don't use both visors at the same time, this will reduce your vision too much and isn't needed. Each visor is specialised for the time of day.

The HD Vision Day & Night Visor also comes with a microfiber cloth for cleaning off the visor if it should become smudged.

How much does the HD Vision Day & Night Visor Cost?

As of writing this I've just lowered our price on the HD Vision Day & Night Visor to $9.99 with $5.99 shipping and handling. Any time that we see we can save you money while keeping our small team afloat we make it happen. As always this product is backed by our no worries guarantee, which means we will refund you with no questions asked. You can always give us a call at (850) 234-3000 with any questions or if you want us to place an order for you.

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