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Unfortunately As Seen On TV Hot 10 no longer carries the Finishing Touch Yes. We received numerous bad reviews and found that this product didn't work for everyone, especially if you had thicker hair. Thankfully we do carry the Finishing Touch Lumia! Which is a micro razor hair removal tool. Check it out on our website, and subscribe to the blog because we are working on getting a laser hair removal tool that will put the finishing touch yes to shame.


Almost everyone has unwanted hair, and getting rid of it is a challenge. In a struggle to find something that really works, you have probably tried methods that are painful or have an unpleasant odor. Products that have no recommendation from dermatologists may create burns, rashes or other skin reactions that are unattractive and painful. Finishing Touch Yes is dermatologist recommended, and you can use it to safely and painlessly remove unwanted hair anywhere on your body.

Advanced technology in Finishing Touch Yes gives you an effective way to get rid of hair with highly effective and innovative methods. A patent is pending on Sensa-Light Technology, a product that is safe to use on every skin tone and in any area. As soon as you activate it and press it against your skin, it causes finely engineered blades to trim your unwanted hair without nicks, cuts or burns. You get to enjoy a smooth surface without experiencing chemical burns or unpleasant odors. Your Finishing Touch Yes gives you painless hair removal instantly, and it works for everyone regardless of age, skin color or hair type. It is ready when the purple Sensa-Light head and the green LED light start flashing. When you let the head touch your skin, you start the painless process of removing your unwanted hair.

Gently guiding it in a direction that is opposite of the way that your hair grows produces the best results. In less than three hours, you can fully charge it and start using it on clean and dry skin. As soon as you remove the Sensa-Light from your skin, it shuts off. You can activate it again by placing the head of the light on your skin. With remarkable advances in technology, you now have access to a painless way to remove unsightly hair from any area of your body. Without the annoying nicks, burns, cuts and chemical smells that result from using other hair removal products, you can relax and enjoy the superior craftsmanship of Finishing Touch Yes. The tool that you have waited for is ready and waiting for you.

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