Purrfect Arch Groomer



Just when you think…. what else can they come out with for your already spoiled pet. Bam, the Purrfect Arch has arrived. And I have to say my cat LOVES it. It’s like an all in one, at home cat grooming system. The concept is so simple but so brilliant. It’s an arch made of bristles and is attached to a carpeted base so when your cat rubs up against it, or walks through it, they get a great massage and combing at the same time! Genius!

My cat can’t seem to get enough of the Purrfect Arch. It’s infused with cat nip and since the base has carpet on it, it is a perfect scratching post, so I don’t have to worry about her scratching my furniture. The base is also rubberized so my cat can rub up against it has hard as she wants and it’s not going to move and startle her. The bristles remove all that excess hair so I don't have to clean up cat hair nearly as much and she doesn't seem to be choking on fur balls anymore. It’s not only my new favorite product but my cat gives the Purrfect Arch two paws up!

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  • samuel lourcey
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